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Why "Lombardi" Heating?

I've been asked a few times by customers where the company name comes from so it came across as a good blog post... let's be honest, whilst "What's the best sink waste trap?" may be a fascinating subject for plumbers, or someone who's just dropped a £10k wedding ring down the sink, it's of limited interest to everyone else!

Are you Italian? Nope, about as far from the mushroom fuelled coin collecting plumber as you could get.

The inspiration came from my love of American football combined with a desire that we all, or pretty much all, have for a better country and world.

Back in 2020 my team, the greatest football team in the world, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed a player widely considered to be amongst (if not the) greatest player(s) in the history of the NFL - Thomas Edward Patrick Brady (or Tom to his friends). Throughout 2020 the Buccaneers went from one of the least successful franchises in the sports history, perennial underachievers (bar a two year purple patch in 2002/2003 culminating in our only Superbowl win) to become the best team in the entire NFL.

In early 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers navigated the NFL playoffs and became the first team in NFL history to make it to the Superbowl in their own stadium (The Superbowl is held in a different stadium each year, decided years in advance). The Kansas City Chiefs arrived, bookies favourites, and left after being utterly and thoroughly beaten by the Bucs.


Later the same year the formation of Lombardi Heating was decided upon, but the unnamed company had to be, well, named.

A desire to acknowledge one of the greatest sporting memories of my lifetimes lead to a number of ideas but "Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the World Champions Plumbing and Heating" was too long for companies house to accept. I tried.


The Superbowl Trophy, awarded to the winners each year, is officially called the Lombardi Trophy, named after Vince Lombardi, a famous Green Bay Packers Head Coach, one of the greatest ever coaches. I liked the name and I liked the tie in with the Bucs success but I didn't know a lot about Vince Lombardi, I'd best check. To say I was impressed is an understatement.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” - Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi was born in Brooklyn in 1913. He grew u... wait, if you want more info on the great man, start here...

He ended up as a very successful coach for the New York Giants then the Green Bay Packers, but it was his coaching philosophy which impressed me the most.

Vince Lombardi was a pioneer in the 1960's, a time when racial division was prevalent across the USA (and beyond). He was outspoken about removing racial segregation across the league. When in Green Bay, he let all local businesses and hotels know if they didn't accommodate his black and white players equally well, then that business would be off-limits to the entire team.

He also demanded "Nothing But Acceptance" from players and coaches toward all people, and he would immediately terminate a coach or release a player if they insulted the sexual orientation of gay players and front office staff.

The more I found out about Vince Lombardi the more proud I felt to use the name, the Bucs win was a nice added extra. The values of doing the right thing, working to be the best I can be and working hard are the core of the company.

Lombardi Heating Ltd was formed.

You can find us in Exeter and across east Devon. If you need a local Plumber or local Gas Engineer, contact us here

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