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Carbon Monoxide (C0) - New changes for Landlords (and homeowners too!)

We all know Carbon Monoxide (C0) and Smoke alarms should be fitted at home but given what we see throughout customers homes a large amount of homes don't have the correct safety precautions fitted.

So what do you need and why?

As of 1st October 2022 new regulations came into force requiring landlords to ensure any property has a:

Smoke alarm fitted:

  • On every floor that has living accommodation (Bedroom, livingroom)

C0 alarm fitted:

  • In every room used as living accommodation that has a fixed combustion appliance (anything with a flame (boiler, fire, water heater)) with the exception of a gas cooker.

Homeowners do not have the same obligation but there is no good reason to not follow the same safety measures.

Remind me about C0 again...

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of combustion so every time something is burned, it's produced. Your gas appliances are designed to safely remove any C0 produced (which is one of the key reasons to get them serviced, normally annually) but when an appliance is damaged, poorly maintained or incorrectly installed this C0 can escape into the house. You can't smell, see or taste it but it's poisonous and will cause serious illness or death if too much is ingested.

C0 is slightly lighter than air and will mix evenly throughout the room. As it attacks the body slowly poisoning symptoms can be:

  • headache

  • dizziness

  • feeling sick or being sick

  • feeling weak

  • confusion

  • chest and muscle pain

  • shortness of breath

If you think you have any of these symptoms, stop using the appliances, open windows and go outside and get medical advice by calling 111.

See the NHS website for more info here...

How do you fit them?

At any property we work at, Lombardi Heating will identify and recommend C0 alarms if there are insufficient. We can provide and fit them for you at a very small cost.

You can also easily fit them yourself. They don't need to be fixed to walls or ceilings. They should be placed around head height between 1 and 3 meters away from each appliance. Make sure they have airflow around them so not completely boxed in by other items.

There are a range of places you can buy them from B&Q to Screwfix or online. Any alarm should be compliant with British Standards BS 50291 - this will be clearly noted in the description - if it isn't, don't waste your money.

What else do I need to know?

Not a lot really. You should test them every 6 months or so (do it now if you haven't). You will usually have a big button on the front to hold down for a second to test it and you will hear it beep.

Landlords - when we complete your CP12 - Landlord Safety check we test all your CO alarms as part of this - This is the evidence you need annually they have been checked. They are also checked if we do any appliance service, repair or install (but you need the documented evidence as part of your annual CP12 check)

Homeowners - Yours are tested when Lombardi Heating complete any appliance install, service or repair.

If you have any questions or need anything further, contact Lombardi Heating here. We cover Exeter and east Devon and are available for local plumbing and gas work. All work is always completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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