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What's in a Boiler Service?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered what should happen when you have your boiler service? Why is there such a range in price from "Luxury Plumbers inc" to "Bodge it 'N' Scarper Ltd"?

Let's take a quick whizz through why you should get your boiler serviced annually and what you should get for your money.


Why get my boiler serviced?

If you've ever been in a house without heating you'll know it doesn't feel like a home. Servicing your boiler (when done properly... we'll come on to that), will extend the life of your whole heating system, not just your boiler but your radiators as well, by years.

When your boiler is serviced, the Gas Safe registered engineer is able to identify any existing or potential problems. We carry out a range of checks that show us if the boiler is performing how the manufacturer wants it to be. If it isn't, its normally quite easy to find out why and as we all know, the prevention is much cheaper than the cure. A boiler running to the peak of its performance is also much more economical than one that isn't, saving you money every time it's used.

If your boiler is under warranty with the manufacturer they require it to be serviced every year. Provided it is, any issues with your boiler will be fixed at their cost. The main manufacturers have been very good with this in our experience, never had them dodging this.

Finally, but most importantly safety. Whilst modern boilers tend to be very safe, there is a risk that a boiler in poor condition can pose a risk to health. Your boiler service should check both the safe operation of your boiler, but also the gas coming in to your house identifying any leaks or issues.

A boiler service is a boiler service isn't it?

So, why would you go for "Luxury Plumbers Inc" who are 50% more than good old "Bodge it 'N' Scarper Ltd, they are both doing the same job aren't they?

Well, unsurprisingly no, they aren't. So what should you be looking for/expecting from a service? We've broken down what (and why) we do as a standard service at Lombardi Heating vs what some of the big national companies do (not naming anyone) across the British isles...

What does everyone do:

1 - Take an analyser reading of the fumes your boiler produces - Shows us how effectively the boiler is burning the gas and that it is removing any harmful fumes direct to outside.

2 - Erm, well this is awkward...

What do we do at Lombardi Heating - AS STANDARD (sorry for shouting but its really important)

1 - Check your Gas supply - Spot leaks or any issues with pressure coming in to your property.

2 - Check your central heating system for any evidence of leaks, damage or system sludge which will quickly damage your boiler.

3 - Check your central heating system inhibitor levels - This is where a liquid is added to your system to help prevent corrosion within your radiators.

4 - Check the amount of Gas your boiler is using - We check at your Gas meter (nobody's ever asked to see that before is a tell tale sign of a boiler thats not been serviced properly) to ensure its burning effectively.

5 - Internal and external check of your boiler - Cover off, full inspection for any leaks or signs of damage.

6 - Expansion vessel check - A very common issue resulting in regular pressure drops. This can save knock on issues easily.

7 - Burner/Heat Exchanger check/clean - This is the heart of your boiler - We check it's clean and if not, clean it and replace the appropriate seals.

8 - Post service report provided - We email you a detailed report of what we've done (with pictures!)

Hopefully that explains why the £45 boiler service, whilst looking more appealing and can "save" you money, is the epitome of a false economy. It doesn't prevent issues, it doesn't identify issues but it does cost you money.

There are circumstances (normally first couple of years services) where your service may be quick but expect a service to take 45 minutes or more, depending on the condition of your boiler. If they are in an out within 15 minutes, you can tell what's been done.

We are always happy to talk you through what we would recommend for your service and costs for the work in advance so you can contact us here

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